Botanical Ramblings

  • Oct142016

    The Colours of Autumn in Berlin

    There are more than 430,000 trees in Berlin, and in Autumn these create a spectacular natural rainbow that’s impossible to ignore!

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  • Jul142016

    July: Pick of the Month

    Sweet peas are among the most beautiful and sweet smelling flowers around in the summer months…

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  • Jun232016

    How to Create a Flower Crown

    Celebrate Midsommer, Swedish style with this easy guide to creating a beautiful flower crown!

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  • May302016
    atacama in bloom

    Deserts in Bloom

    The Atacama desert is the driest region on earth, but every few years, thanks to the El Niño weather phenomenon, it bursts into a bloom of wildflowers.

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  • May202016
    A pastel wedding bouquet in Berlin

    x Jill Marie Photography

    We curated a beautiful wedding bouquet for a seasonal bridal photoshoot with Berlin-based photographer Jill-Marie and it was gorgeous!

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  • May182016
    Pink peonies in May

    May: Pick of the Month

    To my eyes, peonies are amongst the most beautiful flowers in the world and the Chinese agree, calling peonies ‘sho yu’ meaning ‘most beautiful’.

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This journal is our way of sharing what goes on behind the scenes at Bloomage Daydream HQ - what we're loving, what we're working with, what we've seen while out and about on the bike and basically all things botany!


    But who are we?

    Bloomage Daydream is a bicycle flower delivery service, founded in Summer 2015. It came about thanks to a combination of several loves: bikes, fresh flowers and Bowie, and one wish: to be able to find beautiful, seasonal and naturally arranged bouquets in Berlin.